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  • Dr.
    Christopher Boyhan

    Welcome to AlignLife as I am glad you got here. Life has many seasons to it and during our journey we may get stuck in a perspective expressed through our health or lack thereof. For myself growing up with chronic asthma and allergies, medical doctors impressed upon me that I would never be able to play sports. I learned to overcome this obstacle and it is my mission to share my experience creating a bridge between health care and personal development. Please allow me to coach you through this storm for a change of season.

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  • Heather Boyhan

    My journey into the mind body connection thoughtfully expressed itself during my undergraduate career studying anatomy and bodywork under the guidance of Professor Andrea Olsen (my mentor at Middlebury College). This experience guided my graduate program at Northeastern University, where I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Herbert Benson (Cardiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital) at his mindfulness training clinic in collaboration with Harvard University.

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  • Landen Smith

    My name is Landen Smith, I am a senior at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. I am working towards earning a degree in Health and Wellness, with a minor in Management.

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  • Amy Keene

    Hello! As your CA, I am excited to greet you at AlignLife and help walk you through the beginning steps as your health journey with Dr. Boyhan transforms.

    My personal health journey began years ago as I dealt with Chronic Pain through Endometriosis and Fibromyalgia. I began a search for a better way to live rather than dealing with chronic pain on a daily basis. My biggest step was learning that the goal to a better life is to listen in to your own intuition and what your body is trying to telling you. Each part of the body connects and play an intricate role with each other. The key is finding the root, to begin the healing process.

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