Asheville Sleep Apnea

So many folks are suffering from Sleep Apnea in the Asheville area. When is the last time you could really sleep in peace? For some of us, it was before we had children, but there are many other sleeping disorder factors that can be extremely dangerous for your health. Have you forgotten what it was like to get a good night's sleep? Dr. Chris at AlignLife Chiropractic deals with Asheville Sleep Apnea cases, and there is hope for you and the many others affected by this.

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Sleep Disorder Breathing 

•75% of Americans between the ages of 20-59 report regular sleep problems.  

•Not only is their a physical life effect but a mental and emotional one as well. For many weight gain and even obesity are critical contributing factors. For years toxicity and acidity in the body due to poor diet and environmental factors was the #1 reason for sleep apnea. 

•Recently a new player has emerged as the major contributing factor which is Electromagnetic frequency. 

•Magnesium deficiency is a common problem for sleep apnea patients. What most don’t know is that  the minerals needed for the tissue in your throat for stiffness are Calcium, Silica and Selenium. When they are deficient the throat becomes flaccid reducing the airway passage. 

•The nose knows and the ribs follow. What is meant that posture plays a huge role as it is a reflexive action of how strong our brain is. When we have low tone in the brain the muscles that support the head and neck become tight and pull the head forward. Forward head posture not only causes tension in the upper back muscles but a loss of airway because your lose the vital curve in your neck. Along with a rounding of the shoulders that prevents your ribs from expanding properly. Our ribs are designed to pull oxygen into our lungs for survival. The brain accounts for 20% of the oxygen use.  

•Why is this important? Decreases in oxygen flow during the day makes you hypoxic (lack of oxygen)  leading to an acidic state in your body increasing the flight or flight state. This is dangerous because our body naturally drops its oxygen saturation rate by 4% from the hours of 4am-7am which is the time most cardiac events occur. So waking up all night is your brains way of keeping you alive.  

•What can be done? 
-Be sure to have your soft tissue assessed by a dentist with a diplomate. You may be need to be fitted for an appliance to open up your airway.   
-For those over the age of 45, a routine sleep study should become part of your annual health check up. 
-Visit a chiropractor? Really, yes! Breathing is a complex neurologic action that supersedes all musculoskeletal issues.  Removing the nerve interference and restoring the curve in your neck as well as proper rib function will have a dramatic impact on not only your quality of life but those you care about most. If anything, do it for them because they love you. 

•Please stop sleeping on your back as it is unnatural. We are designed to sleep on our stomach with our heads turned to the sides. This position strengthens your diaphragm and promotes rest and digestion. Sleeping on your back jets your jaw forward and put your head in a forward flexed posture reducing airflow. Try standing up breathing standing up with your chin tucked to your chest, not very productive or restful is it!

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